The Cybersecurity Summit, the meeting of CYBER experts.


The Cybersecurity Summit is not just an event; it represents an iconic institution at the heart of the cybersecurity universe in France. For 20 years, this flagship event has established its reputation as a convergence point for all players in the market, whether they are experts, companies, solution providers, or specialized journalists.

With a record attendance of:

  • 1,400 guests
  • 174 partner companies
  • 120 experts and journalists
  • 140 workshops and conferences
  • 10,000 one-to-one meetings

The Cybersecurity Summit offers a unique platform where key decision-makers – ranging from CIOs, CISOs, Technical Directors, Network and Telecom Infrastructure Managers, Risk Managers, among others – can meet and exchange with the most cutting-edge solution providers in the cyber market.

What truly sets the Cybersecurity Summit apart is how it is structured. Pre-arranged tailored meetings, quality content, authentic experiences shared, and unparalleled networking opportunities among peers ensure an enriching experience for all participants. The days are meticulously orchestrated to maintain a perfect balance between expert content, networking moments, and business meetings. These encounters help transform ideas into concrete projects and initiate new collaborations.

The cybersecurity ecosystem is vast, and the Cybersecurity Summit ensures comprehensive coverage. The represented themes and domains include, but are not limited to:

Cloud: Encompassing infrastructure, storage, backup, and telecoms. Deployment & Engineering: Focusing on outsourcing. Organization & Governance: Centered around compliance. Audit & Consulting: Also covering forensics. Identity & Access Management. Endpoint Security. DATA: Emphasizing data security and encryption. Incident Response & Crisis Management: As well as threat management. Data & Systems Security: Including application and messaging security. Infrastructures: With particular attention to industrial systems security. Noteworthy sessions at this new edition of the Cybersecurity Summit include: Keynote by the President of the Cybersecurity Summit 2023 By Sabrine Guiheneuf, President of the Summit An invitation to gain perspective in the face of a constantly evolving cybersecurity sector. A crucial opening session that gives voice to innovators, anticipators, and structurers, thus launching four intense days of exchange and sharing.

Generative AI and Security – What does the future hold? Presented by ACCENTURE Explore how generative AI is disrupting AI security. This session delves into preventing malicious use of generative AI, including the dangers of phishing, disinformation, and biometric spoofing.

The National Gendarmerie against identity theft In collaboration with Proofpoint services Discover how the National Gendarmerie has armed itself against identity theft, thus enhancing the protection of its brand image and services to citizens.

Quantum Apocalypse: Myth or Reality? By Eric Brier, Thales & Pierre Yves Jolivet, THALES While the description is yet to come, this session promises to delve into the challenges of quantum cryptography, a burning and essential topic for security professionals.

Application Security by Design Presented by EVIDEN Cybersecurity France & HEALTH DATA HUB A session dedicated to harmonizing DevSecOps and Data Security, illustrating proactive and future-oriented application security.

Identity at the heart of Zero Trust: Canal+’s experience Organized by Okta Follow Canal+’s journey to Zero Trust maturity while discovering technological innovations related to authentication and access governance.

The submerged face of SaaS: The complexity of hybrid IT How to approach cybersecurity in a world dominated by SaaS and IT hybridization? This session discusses governance challenges and how to enhance cyber resilience.

World Upheaval & Regulatory Offensive A deep dive into the geopolitics of cybersecurity, aiming to understand, map, and potentially cooperate for better coordination of responses in case of incidents.

Threat Intelligence 1 – Cybercriminal 0 How to anticipate rather than adapt? This conference highlights the importance of Threat Intelligence in detecting and thwarting attacks, especially those on Friday evenings.”


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