FRENCHWEB Funding Report: €70 Million Raised by 17 Startups in Diverse Sectors this week.


A slow week in terms of fundraising in the heart of the FrenchTech, with a total of 70 million euros raised by a group of 17 startups.

Among the most significant operations, we find the impressive fundraising efforts of the company Intact, specializing in the development of regenerative ingredients for the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as the startup Podium, which experienced rapid growth thanks to its analysis of fantasy sports games based on NFTs.

The most active sectors in these fundraising rounds are agrotech and fintech, with companies such as INTACT, AKUR8, and CAARL.

AKUR8 is a FINTECH that offers an AI-based insurance underwriting platform. This technology optimizes and automates insurance pricing. Thanks to anomaly detection, AKUR8 is capable of establishing new pricing models 10 times faster than traditional methods. This allows insurers to update their models in a matter of hours rather than several months. Among AKUR8’s notable clients are major players such as AXA, MATMUT, and MAIF. The startup has raised 15 million euros in a funding round led by FinTLV, Guidewire, and BlackFin Capital Partners.

Using artificial intelligence, TRIBUN HEALTH analyzes medical samples, providing faster and more accurate diagnoses for patients. The startup has raised 15 million euros with Bpifrance’s Patient Autonome Fund leading the way, along with Owkin, Vivalto Family, and LBO France.

The startup SEMANA stands out with its specialized solution for hybrid work organization. It aims to optimize workspace management while strengthening social bonds and collaboration.

Akur8 FINTECH AI-based insurance underwriting software 23.3 million euros FinTLV, Guidewire, BlackFin Capital Partners
Bonx ERP ERP for industrial SMEs 500,000 euros OSS Ventures, business angels
Bobbee FINTECH Accounting and financial management platform 1.2 million euros Business angels
Caarl LEGALTECH Legal protection platform for businesses 600,000 euros The Moon Venture
Charlie Solutions ECOMMERCE Equipment geolocation solution 750,000 euros Finovam Gestion, IRD M&A, Nord France Amorçage, business angels
Greenscope GREENTECH ESG consulting platform in SaaS for companies 1 million euros Epopée Gestion, Newfund, Archipel Ventures
Hubflo FINTECH Customized management solution for SMEs 2 million euros Seedcamp, Hummingbird Ventures, business angels
Intact AGTECH Development of regenerative ingredients 55 million euros (including 15 million euros non-dilutive) ISALT, Axéréal
La Tournée ECOMMERCE Local product delivery services 5 million euros Frst Capital, Swen Capital
Muule ECOMMERCE Platform for sustainable outdoor equipment 700,000 euros HPF, My Family Officer, Erbe Family Office, Bpifrance, Crédit Agricole
Podium GAMING NFT-based fantasy sports game analysis 2 million euros Fabric Ventures, Sfermion, Seedcamp
Semana HRTECH Work management software 1 million euros Faraday Venture Partners, Super Capital, One Green, business angels
SorareData GAMING NFT game analysis services 2 million euros Fabric Ventures, Sfermion, Seedcamp
StatInf INDUSTRIAL TECH Embedded systems design tool 500,000 euros WIT Angels Club, Arcadia Ventures, Sharpstone Capital, Bpifrance
Ugo ECOMMERCE Web development software for retailers 500,000 euros Florent Mercier Investissement, Crédit Agricole Loire Haute Loire, Webqam
Wheel of Work HRTECH Support platform for independent workers 2 million euros Re-Sources Capital


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